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  2. It's Time to Play - PLANO FEUD!! Plano Feud is an element of TeamPlano’s Employee Appreciation Week. The Plano Feud tournament is conducted the same as an eight-team single elimination sports tournament. If a team wins, it continues to advance to the championship. Once a team loses, it is eliminated from the tournament. The tournament consists of 4 road show games; 2 semi-final games and 1 championship game. Plano Feud teams must consist of 4 current City of Plano employees from the same department or with some other common bond. All team members must be available for all team games. No player substitutions once the tournament has begun. Submitted information is confirmation that: all players are available during game dates/times (Tuesday, April 23, Thursday April 25, Tuesday April 30, or Friday May 3 AND Tuesday May 7, Wednesday May 8 and Thursday May 9 at about noon); all players have supervisor approval to participate; all players understand the tournament and game rules. The tournament is limited to 8 teams. If more than 8 teams are nominated, the playing teams will be selected by random (names pulled from a hat).

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