2022 C4H Safety Olympics Results

Police Driving

Team Department Rank Time
MPGA Streets 1st 1:26.72
Electric Avenue  Traffic 2nd 1:28.63
Don't Mess With NS Neighborhood Services 3rd 1:29.44

Shooting Simulator

Team Department Rank Score
The Misfits Building Inspections 1st 57,000
M&M Facilities 2nd 56,000
Team Natural Resources Parks and Rec 3rd 52,000

Bucket Toss

Team Department Rank Score
Team Natural Resources Parks 1st 56
The Misfits Building Inspections 1st 56
High Quality H2O Env. Health 3rd 52

Riding Mower

Team Department Rank Time
Plano A's Parks 1st 0:59.34
Park Ninjas Parks 2nd 1:02.63
Electric Avenue Traffic 3rd 1:26.94


Team Departments Rank Score