Language Translation Services Contract

Language Line Services, Inc.

The City has a contract with Language Line Services, Inc. for translation services of various types including video, over‐the‐phone, audio and document translations.

Please note that to ensure account billing is assigned to the department using the services, each department is responsible for setting up its own account. If your department does not have an established account, use the Client Contact Information form to do so.

The Language Line Language List is provided to show the many language translations available. Up‐to‐date language lists can be found on

The OPI or Over-the-Phone Interpretation Account Access Options gives you step-by-step instructions for using this translation process.

Contract Information

2019‐0728‐I Telecommunications and Technology Interpreter Services

Valid through May 10, 2023 and will renew automatically for four additional one-year terms.

Vendor: Language Line Services, Inc.
1 Lower Ragsdale Drive, Building 2
Monterey, CA 93940


Dedicated Strategic Account Executive:
To establish an account for any or all services, or for general questions, contact:

Kelly Mistry, MPA, MSW

Dedicated Translation Support Specialist:
For translation inquiries or to discuss potential translation projects, contact:

Jon Bove

# # #

Purchasing Contact:
If you have questions about the contract or encounter service-related issues. 

Vernie Rambo
Senior Buyer, Procurement and Project Management

Ordering Information

JDE Supplier No. 41494
Order Type: Contract Release Order (CRO)

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