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Healthy Aging and Relationships Series - All sessions are 1:30 - 2:30 PM

June 21: The Sandwich Generation: Balancing Your Personal Life with the Needs of Your Older Parents or Loved Ones

Most of us reach a point in life when parents or elderly relatives begin to require more attention and time, and sometimes, our financial support as well. Caring for an older person can be complicated and few of us are trained for the many aspects of that care. Providing care for an elder is a very personal matter. No two situations are the same and there are no simple solutions. You can, though, benefit from following some practical suggestions. Balancing work, family and care-giving responsibilities can present some challenges. 

This workshop provides an overview of information to help the participant cope with their personal life while dealing with their elder’s needs. At the end of this workshop, you will be able to: Identify the challenges people in the sandwich generation face • Describe work-life balance challenges • Describe emotional issues Identify ways to cope with the stress of the sandwich generation • List ways to find time for yourself • Describe the importance of taking care of your health • Describe ways to make sure your life is well-organized Identify ways to ask for help • Determine who else can be involved in care • Describe how to create a task list for elder care • List outside resources that can help

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July 19: Quick, Enjoying Your Empty Nest

Once children leave home, whether to attend college or embark on a career, through marriage or resettlement, the parent’s role often seems unclear. The changes that accompany the “empty nest” in the functioning of a household can be initially unsettling and require adjustment time. While many parents often make light of looking forward to having children move out of the home after the fact, it is often accompanied by mixed feelings, changes in relationships between husband and wife and ultimately recognition of the passing of a life stage that takes time to absorb.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to: Identify the financial impact of an “empty nest” • Describe the two key roles for parents of financially-dependent college-aged children • Identify the planning required when children become financially-independent Identify the mental and emotional preparation required to transition through this life stage • Describe ways to adapt to the “empty nest” • Describe how to “let go in order to help them grow” • Identify what to do when your child returns home • Identify ways parents can help their adult children become financially stable and emotionally independent • Describe ways to re-engage your time in the dual pursuits of quality relationships and individual personal interests • Identify the emotional and self-image transitions that occur in this stage of life

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August 16: Parenting Your College Age "Kids"

Once a child leaves home, whether to attend college or embark on a career, the parent’s role often feels unclear. Deciding how much emotional and financial support to offer a child who is essentially an adult can be difficult to determine. Many parents want to continue to support their 18 and older children, but aren’t sure how to help without appearing to interfere with the child’s life. 

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to: Identify the important areas of growth and development of “adult” children • Describe the challenges for the young adult of “establishing identity,” “handling financial independence,” “career choice” and “managing relationships” • Describe how to use your relationship to help your child transition to adulthood Recognize the importance of letting go to help your child function independently • Describe the difference between support and instruction • Identify distinctions between providing financial support and creating a “safety net” • Describe how to “let go” in order to encourage character and personal growth Describe strategies for when your adult child returns home • Identify ways of discussing expectations • Identify the elements of adult to adult relationships

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“Eat Well” Virtual Nutrition Series

March 17: Lifestyle Changes to Help Prevent Prediabetes and Treat Type 2 Diabetes 

March 24: Quick, Healthy Meals for Busy Schedules

Recorded Webinar link:https://plano.zoom.us/rec/share/Ns3sTI5U7_cHOgMjZikZac3WmVoynxotd39rxL6oqK2jFEdSmTpzQu3V6AAPt4yN.n9ZdUhaKrmSafMoX 

March 31: Eating for Energy 

Recorded Webinar link: https://plano.zoom.us/rec/share/u3HyvZPdGa-_-GbV2wDZG8zr83RVUW-qoYs2vdlCP8fjm3R9Q3gkGrV2Yxd_oiKZ.uRAhLf_KyczL49eC

April 7: Seven Habits for Truly Effective Weight Management

Recorded Webinar link: https://plano.zoom.us/rec/share/uJGCbieRbDRao-VI8GuSb9-yttunJy_4pclaX1zPSLJRGqaEncWFs1YvBNKlOKmx.9LThd0kxyiUROl0L