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Posted on: August 31, 2017

Wellness Coordinator Shares Results of the Employee Satisfaction Survey

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Team Plano, we heard you! I’m Michelle Gifford, your senior wellness coordinator, with an important update about Connect4Health (C4H)-related survey responses. In May, Human Resources sent out an Employee Survey to learn what you think about our health benefits, wellness program, voluntary plans and the value-added benefits offered by the City.

The purpose of the survey was to:

  • Identify potential areas for benefit improvement
  • Identify areas of opportunity for employee education
  • Share employee responses with our leadership

On behalf of the Connect4Health Wellness program, I thank the 844 employees who took time to answer the survey questions and provide meaningful and constructive feedback.

The intent of our C4H Wellness program is to provide a comprehensive well-being program that fosters a safe and healthy work environment supporting a productive workforce. We strive to cultivate a culture promoting  wellness through healthy habits and lifestyle behaviors that enhance the quality of life for our employees and their families.


Highlights from the survey regarding Connect4Health:

  • 64% of respondents are satisfied with the Wellness program
  • 71% of respondents feel additional incentives or rewards should be offered if health status is maintained or improved through biometric data
  • 61% of respondents would increase participation in C4H Wellness programs if paid time off was earned
  • 70% of respondents would increase participation in C4H Wellness programs if it meant reduced health insurance premiums
  • 48% of respondents would increase participation in C4H Wellness programs if monetary incentives were provided
  • 66% of respondents are interested in onsite health screenings
  • 38% of respondents are interested in an onsite health fair and single-session workshops

Suggestions identified as crucial for the Connect4Health Wellness program:Leisure Fall 2017

  • More online programs/competitions
  • Employee recreation league
  • Extra time to work out during lunch break
  • Tai Chi or Yoga class during lunch hour
  • Free recreation center memberships for employees and reduced memberships for family members
  • More information about the Connect4Health Wellness program

Some barriers to participation:

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of supervisor support
  • Location
  • Family obligations

Other feedback:

  • Work is for work
  • Take care of wellness on your own time
  • Too many hoops for health insurance premium reduction

Connect4Health is working closely with the Human Resources Benefits Team and other City departments to provide meaningful, engaging and fun programs and events focused on making the healthy choice the easy choice for our employees. Here are a few examples of what Connect4Health is doing in response to the suggestions and concerns noted above:

  • Quarterly Airrosti events (assessments, lunch-and-learn meetings)
  • Mobile screenings
  • Collaboration with Parks and Recreation on:
    • Creating an employee recreation league
    • Offering reduced family recreation center membership and decrease the number of required visits for a free membership at time of renewal
  • Online weight loss and healthy management program (i.e. Real Appeal)
  • Exploring lunchtime Yoga/Pilates class
  • Exploring limited gym fee/community race reimbursement
  • Development of a wellness policy
  • Re-evaluation of Premium Incentive Program requirements
  • Adding Wellness Champions

If you have any suggestions or comments regarding the Connect4Health Wellness Program, please contact me at michellegi@plano.gov.

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