Posted on: August 10, 2017

What’s All the Fuss about Standing? 10 Ways to Sit Less and Move More

standing desk

Standing more often may help improve your health.

Standing more often may help improve your health. Try these fun tips to make it happen — including getting in touch with your inner flamingo. Uninterrupted stretches of sitting may raise your risk of heart disease, diabetes and other serious conditions. This appears to be true even if you exercise regularly.

Calorie check:  Standing vs. sitting

If you weigh 170 pounds, you can burn about:

  • 186 calories per hour standing
  • 139 calories per hour sitting

By replacing just one hour a day of sitting with standing, you’d burn an extra 329 calories a week. That’s more than the extra amount you’d burn by walking at a moderate pace for an hour.

Take a stand for better health with these tips:

  • Stand, stretch and move every 90 minutes – set an alarm to remind you
  • Go mobile – stand while talking on the phone
  • Do simple tasks standing – i.e. folding clothes, texting, paying bills
  • Get personal at work – walk over to a co-worker (when feasible) instead of calling or consider a “walking” meeting
  • Keep comfy shoes handy
  • Track your steps – fitness devices motivate you to move more
  • Be a DIY-er – wash your own car, cut your own grass, pass on grocery delivery and walk to the market (if feasible)
  • Skip elevators and escalators – choose stairs (it’s often faster)
  • Find your inner flamingo –stand on one foot to strengthen leg and core muscles; improve balance
  • Try a standing desk – talk to Michelle Gifford, senior wellness coordinator, about sampling an adjustable desk for a few days.  

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