Posted on: August 2, 2017

TMRS NEWS: Online Beneficiary Designation

beneficiary defined

Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS) members can now designate or update their beneficiaries online - through MyTMRS!

Making sure the correct beneficiary information is listed for your retirement benefit is very important.

TMRS Direct logoAfter logging in to MyTMRS, members simply click on the Beneficiaries button to make updates or changes.  Select the blue Update button and be guided through the steps to complete the process. You will receive an immediate confirmation message and an email stating a change was made. If you have never used MyTMRS, create an account.

Beneficiary choices that require spousal consent (for example, a married vested member naming a beneficiary other than a spouse/domestic partner) still require a paper form and a signature. MyTMRS will contact you if spousal consent is necessary and will direct him/her to the correct form. Also, retirees may only change their beneficiary under certain conditions. A blue Update button appears if you are eligible to make a change.

Questions? Use the Texas Municipal Retirement System’s new contact form on the website to get the answers you need.

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