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NEWS from Human Resources

  1. New Connect4Health webpages are LIVE!
    Wellness Coordinator Michelle Gifford has updated the Connect4Health webpages that cover important topics such as:

    • What is Connect4Health (C4H)
    • Premium Incentive Program
    • Fitness Challenges
    • Tobacco Cessation
    • Weight Management
    • UHC and C4H Program Testimonials
    Regular visits to these new Connect4Health pages for health and wellness information will change your life!
  2. Colonoscopy! Get your Free Colonoscopy!
    Did you know the City covers one colonoscopy per year if you are enrolled in the medical plan?  This includes physician, facility, anesthesia, and pathologist fees, at no cost to you, regardless of age or any prior diagnosis. However, you will be charged a copay for colonoscopy prep kits, which may include a prescription at the pharmacy and post-colonoscopy examinations. If you receive a bill for your colonoscopy or anesthesia, please contact Compass representative for resolution at jordan.white@compassphs.com or 800-513-1667 ext. 475. 

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  1. Thu Jun. 22

    Transformative Mediation - Repairing Relationships - Part One (CITY OF PLANO EMPLOYEES ONLY) Repairing Damaged or Broken Relationships You must enroll in Part 1 & 2 when signing up for this course. (Transformative Mediation) Mediation is viewed primarily as a facilitative problem solving focused class and does not emphasize the transformative or repair work necessary for on-going or continuous relationships. Being able to repair relationships becomes an essential tool for supervisors and managers. This one day class will look at forgiveness, reconciliation, apology, and rep...
  2. Fri Jun. 23

    Conflict Mediation – PD3407 (CITY OF PLANO EMPLOYEES ONLY) This is a 40-hour course delivered in five 8-hour sessions. Completion of the 40-hour course results in a certificate for Mediation Dispute Resolution Training in compliance with section 154.052 of Texas Senate Bill No. 1436 and the Published Texas Mediator Trainers Roundtable Criteria. Mediation is a cooperative, interactive, problem-solving, decision-making process involving contending parties and a neutral, impartial, third-party who serves as the mediator. The process goals include isolating...
  3. Fri Jun. 23

    Specification Writing - SD3323 – (CITY OF PLANO EMPLOYEES ONLY) This workshop can help with communicating specifications effectively, in order to get the quality products/services at the most competitive price. Attendees will review the elements of good specs and writing techniques that help avoid problems. This is for employees who are or may be responsible for writing specifications, evaluating vendor offers, or administering contracts. Learn about: > Good Specifications > Types of solicitations > Effective writing styles > Types of specif...
  4. Mon Jun. 26

    New Employee Orientation - PD1601 Please arrive at HR office by 8:00 AM. When participants complete this session, they should feel comfortable with their understanding of the culture of the City of Plano and how they fit within that culture. The class will explore the expectations that the City has of its employees and in turn what the employees should expect of their employment experience.
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